The Motivation Testimonials - Charity Runners Share

Recently I published an article about the sacred community of charity runners, polling them about their intrinsic pull to the road. Runners in general are a family - connected by a collective internal circuit to keep moving, keep growing, keep challenging ourselves. For many, this will to move is ethereal; it doesn't make sense, but it doesn't have to. For others, running is found because it is needed. Running presents itself as a resolution from a world of conflict. It is the natural high, the moving meditation, and even the pain we sometimes need in order to feel again while we heal.

As part of my research for the charity running article, I needed to know what puts those runners on the road. I asked them:

  1. Why they love charity runners
  2. How running for a charity has changed their relationship with the sport

The responses were many and beautiful, too beautiful not to be shared. Therefore, please find below some of the most inspiring words about a community motivated by cause, moved through the road. If at the end of reading this article, you feel inspired to share, please email me your story. We're here to build a community of like-minded souls.

I love charity runners because they take something individual and a little selfish and make it more than about themselves. It is a collective for the greater good. 
It has changed me from someone who loved running alone to someone who loves running surrounded by the positive energy of others. It has also forged friendships that will last a lifetime.   -Jeff Rochford, Fred's Team Head Coach


I love charity runners because:  they are ridiculously enthusiastic, caring, interested in the world beyond their scope and enjoy a sport that either you hate or you love, which I also happen to love. 
Running for a charity, very simply is the only reason I mustered the courage to attempt a marathon.  Without the goal of fundraising for such a personal and worthy cause, I don’t think I would have made the physical commitment to running a marathon.  Joining a team and knowing that you were never running alone, training alone, bleeding, sweating or panting alone made it so worthwhile. - Alexis Herron 
There are so many reasons I love charity runners, but my hands down, number one reason is because charity runners create an amazing and inspiring community to be a part of. Running can be as much or as little of a solitary sport as you want it to be, but as a charity runner just knowing that you are part of a group of people all doing something you love for something you are passionate about is an amazing feeling. You never feel alone. I think often times too, charity runners are running for a cause that has affected them to some degree, so while of course we still have running related goals that we want to achieve-get faster, stronger, tackle a new distance, etc.-those goals are not the end all, be all of our running. We are united by a goal that is much bigger than us. - Lauren Goodwin

Jessica Ferrucci

The Happy Runner is the everyday athlete; finding balance by carrying six coffees without spilling them on the subway, meditating on elevator rides, and weight lifting your laptop as your hurdle a puddle to make your 9AM meeting. The Happy Runner is a community of like-minded beautiful souls striving to add a little sense of movement and meditation back on the agenda.