Hello Beautiful Soul!

Thank you for stopping by the site and wanting to know a little more about me.

My name is Jessica. I’m a four‐time marathon runner, full‐time finance worker, and life‐time fitness lover. I hail cabs on the corners of New York’s lower east side, but being raised in upstate NY, my heart will always live in the mountains.

At a distance from the sport, some non‐runners consider me a crazy‐athletic running machine, but the truth of the matter is I’ve been cultivating an almost two‐decade relationship with running that has made me question what the heck I’m out there for on many more than one occasion.

So what’s my deal? I run to feel free, write to feel grounded, photograph to freeze moments, and wander to feel alive.

This space was born with the intention of creating a community of badass women on a mission for self‐love. It’s a collection of quotes, pictures, stories, interviews, advice, and checklists aimed to keep you moving through your busiest and most difficult days.

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